U.S. Dietary Guidelines recommend five servings of fruits and vegetables daily to provide the necessary vitamins and minerals that support a healthy body and minimize disease risk. Many Americans are too busy to eat a balanced meal, but still expect their bodies to perform, manage stress, and prevent disease – a heavy responsibility for an undernourished body.


Why Supplements Matter

  • because large segments of the population have suboptimal nutrient intakes
  • because research shows that nutritional supplements can improve patient outcomes and reduce healthcare costs
  • because intake of antioxidants and other key nutrients can improve quality of life
  • because specific vitamin and mineral deficiencies can increase the risk for certain chronic conditions


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This informative, 25-page guide is an instructional and educational tool that helps explain the MediClear cleansing program, using MediClear®, MediClear Plus®, or MediClear-SGS™. In addition to an explanation of how the liver detoxifies substances and what nutrients are involved, this guide provides a three-week protocol including supplementation and dietary recommendations. Included are lists of foods to eat, foods to avoid, sample menus, delicious recipes, MediClear smoothie suggestions, and Frequently Asked Questions. It also helps guide you when the three-week program is over to determine how to reintroduce foods you have avoided during the three-week cleanse.