Doug had stopped running for over two years, after his third treatment, he was able to hit the trails... watch him share his story below:

I am so happy that Keith set up shop here in Mount Shasta. He’s helping me with a chronic back injury (snowboarding accident from 2001) that other chiropractors were unable to treat properly. At the same time, he’s helping me understand my body mechanics, the healing process and coaching me on useful exercises to protect against future injuries. The laser therapy and Graston (sp?) tools he’s using seem to speed up the process. He is a no nonsense type and his goal is to see me less and less and hopefully not see me again, which is atypical for a chiropractor. Other chiropractors I’ve been to seemed to like it that I stayed broken... signing me up for long term plans with little or no long lasting results.

I woke up one morning and could barely move. I have a 3 yr old and couldn’t pick her up or play with her. Was lucky to get in to see Keith right away. In less than 2 weeks, I have full movement, my typical aches and pains are quickly diminishing and I am much more knowledgable and aware of my movements.

His office is located at the Wellness Center so you also get to use any exercise equipment that facility has to offer without being a member. His pricing is extremely fair too. My 3yr old and I are very happy he chose Mount Shasta to fix people. Alright, back to playtime :)
— Mollie S.


I was so sad when we had to move away because Dr. Warde is the only chiropractor who has been able to solve my persistent neck and lower back problems. While on a trip to Mt. Shasta over last winter due to my father’s car accident, the stress of the event and constant driving back and forth to Redding really put a strain on my lower back again. I was so glad to be able to have Dr. Warde there. He is not a “snap crackle pop” doctor, as I like to call them... He really worked with me, stretching the areas, and teaching me what to do to keep this from happening again... My husband has also seen him over the years and was able to avoid expensive and unnecessary neck surgeries due to the excellent treatment provided by Dr. Warde. He is gentle, yet firm, and really cares. He takes whatever time is needed to fully understand all the issues before engaging on a treatment plan. I highly recommend him...

I only wish we lived there now!
— Anya S.

If you’re in need of a good chiropractor in Siskiyou County, this is your guy! My 75 year old dad was in a major car accident in December (shattered his ankle, broke his hip, sternum, and ribs) and was told he would be wheelchair bound for at least a year. Three months later, he is walking unassisted and a lot of it is thanks to Dr. Warde and his laser therapy. I am eternally grateful!
— Chelsea C.


I had lost hope. No Doctors could seem to find what the root of my constant lower back and hip pain. I had to cancel a work trip because the pain was so severe I couldn’t drive. After the first treatment I was pain free!! Dr. Warde is brilliant. He has a quality that is rare. His wide knowledge base, experience, curiosity and the latest technology(laser therapy and these cool Graston tools) make him in my opinion...the best Chiro I have ever worked with. And with this issue I have worked with many. His objective is to get to the root of the problem, find the best way to fix it...and to work with you to make that change last. I have learned more about how my body is, and should be working and with the stretches and exercises we work as a team so he can see less and less of me. Feeling pretty blessed he chose Mt.Shasta for his practice. I’m super grateful!!!
— Kathleen H.